Event Policy

Waiver of Claims

I have full knowledge of the risks of injury involved in activities at events sponsored, organized or hosted by the Ardmore Neighborhood Association (ANA). These risks include possible falls, accidents, death, disease, personal injury and emotional distress. I take full responsibility for all of these risks while attending the ANA event, for myself and my minor children and wards.

In consideration of my participation, I (along with my heirs and administrators) release and discharge the Ardmore Neighborhood Association and its officers and directors for injuries or damages to me, my minor children and wards, or to my property incurred during or as a result of events they have organized or hosted.

Consent to Photograph and Video

I authorize the Ardmore Neighborhood Association (ANA) to use any photograph, interviews, personal narrative, or audio or video recordings of my participation in ANA-sponsored events, and of my children’s or wards’ participation.