About Ardmore

Ardmore is a residential neighborhood in Winston-Salem, NC, bordered by Stratford Road and Salem Parkway to the north, Peters Creek Parkway to the east, and Silas Creek Parkway to the south and west.

Within greater Ardmore is an area known as Historic Ardmore. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. With approximately 4,340 households, it is the largest historic district in the city.

History of Ardmore

Ardmore’s story begins in the early 1900s as a suburb of the newly-merged cities of Winston and Salem. The neighborhood was developed during an economic boom, when our city was the largest in the state.

To learn more about the unique history of Ardmore and see historic photos and maps, visit this link.

History of Ardmore, Winston-Salam

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ANA wishes to thank Ardmore resident Martin O’Brien and Fam Brownlee, Historian for the Forsyth County Library, for these contributions to our collection of Ardmoriana.

About the ANA

The Ardmore Neighborhood Association is a nonprofit organization established to preserve the residential nature of the neighborhood.

ANA activities:

Neighborhood events – Hosting and promoting local events to encourage socializing and community

Supporting community initiatives – Collaborating with diverse nonprofits, schools, churches, clubs, and local businesses

Municipal matters – Representing Ardmore on local government and zoning issues

ANA Board Members:

Kate Mewhinney

Vice President
Alden Mueller

Past President
Kathy Pearre

Karen Martinez


Members at Large
George Edwards
Lynne Thomas
Brent Moser
Peter Gal
Carol Hayes
Marlo Newman

View the ANA’s bylaws, articles of incorporation, and policies.