ANA Business Sponsorship

Business Friends with Ardmore (BFA) is a special membership/support category for businesses that want to create strong relationships with the more than 6,000 residents and friends of the Ardmore Neighborhood. 

The Ardmore Neighborhood Association’s goal is to build a connection between businesses and Ardmore residents. At the same time, we provide a ready resource for consumers of these services. 

Joining BFA allows the ANA to direct potential clients to you and gives our friends and members greater access to civic minded businesses and professionals. The cost is $75 a year.

Business Friends with Ardmore sponsorship benefits include:

  • Periodic listing in the e-newsletter, which currently has over 750 subscribers and is rapidly growing
  • Online business listing (includes company name, primary contact name, address, phone number, logo or company image, and website)
  • Recognition and profiling periodically on the ANA Facebook page, which has more than 850 likes and growing
  • Promotion during ANA events in electronic and/or print format

If you have questions about BFA, please email us at [email protected].

ANA Business Sponsorship

$75 per year

If you prefer to pay by check, please mail payment to the address below. If you prefer to pay a different way please contact us.

Ardmore Neighborhood Association
PO Box 5834
Winston-Salem, NC 27113

Business Friends with Ardmore is provided as a service of Ardmore Neighborhood Association and does not represent an endorsement of the participating businesses. Consumers should conduct their own assessment of businesses.