President’s Message [February 2024]

Recapping the take-aways from our January Community Safety program with the Community Resource Unit of the Winston-Salem Police Department

   Community Safety was the subject of a recent ANA program.  Representatives of the Police Department and of the Neighborhood Watch program were the speakers.  We were reminded to always lock our cars and doors to our homes.  The speakers said to consider installing motion detection lights and alarm systems.

Here are other safety resources you’ll find useful!
     -You can file your own police report for some crimes using this City of Winston-Salem link.

     -There is a checklist to survey your home for security risks, tips on how to spot frauds and scams, and plenty of other useful safety strategies.  Did you realize that your front door is the most common entry point for burglars?  

     -Consider using this form to inventory your home’s contents, in case you’re the victim of a burglary and larceny.

     -Homeowners with security cameras (or doorbells with cameras) can register with the police department.  If a crime takes place within sight of your cameras, you, the homeowner, determine what camera feeds to share with the police.  

     -If you want to communicate with the police about something that doesn’t rise to the level of an emergency, use this number (instead of 911):  336-773-7700.  

   Community safety isn’t just about barricading ourselves in our homes.  Some crimes occur when teens don’t have a supportive home environment or activity programs available.  Consider how you could help at-risk kids, through volunteer programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCAs and YWCAs, and tutoring programs offered at schools and libraries.

   One last point about our community safety.  If you or your kids ride bikes, see this brief overview of our NC Bike Helmet Law (Under Bicycle Safety).  We want you and our young Ardmore neighbors to be safe at home and on bikes!

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