President’s Message [January 2024]

Learning About City Government

This month's "President's" message was written by board member Phyllis D’Agostino.

   A great way to learn about the wonderful city we live in is by participating in the City of Winston-Salem University (CWSU)!  I had the great opportunity to be a member of the 2023 CWSU class - it was an amazing, fun, and remarkable learning experience.  This free 12-week program gives participants a better understanding of City government, including the responsibilities of various City departments and the City’s role in the community.

   This article is too short to really give a full picture of the variety of committed and experienced people I met, the numerous services I learned about, and to accurately describe the immense value and depth of learning I experienced.  
   What I liked most about this program was that I came away feeling like an informed, involved, and committed citizen of the City of Winston Salem and Forsyth County.  Each week a different City department or service had staff present to the class, and a variety of field trips and site visits enhanced the experience.  The schedule included an overview of City government; presentations on public safety including fire, police, and emergency management; City finance and budget; utilities including water, wastewater, and solid waste; the Department of Transportation, and so much more.
   I got to go on a historic tour of downtown Winston-Salem; do a ride along with a police officer for a 4-hour shift; ride a city bus to visit new and newly renovated parks, stations, and more; and see a water treatment plant. All while learning about a plethora of services and departments that make Winston-Salem a great place to live.

   Students are chosen through an application process. Class size is limited. It is a free, 12-week course which meets once a week on Thursdays from 6 to 9 p.m. Classes are held at City Hall and various other locations. Check out this website for more details.  

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