President’s Message [September 2023]

The Repair Run-Around.

As renters who’d just moved to Ardmore, years ago, we got lucky.  Our landlord lived in the upstairs apartment, so when our place needed a repair he was easy to find!

But what if you rent and can’t get the landlord to fix things?  Good news:  the city has a new way to get the repairs that state and local laws require!  More on that below.  Here’s how to get a landlord to respond:

  1. Written repair request:  do keep a record/copy. 
  1. Call the City’s Code Enforcement office, which handles housing code violations. Call City Link at 311 from a smartphone or call 336-727-8000.  (Add to your Contacts!)  Or use the app “CityLink 311.”
  1. Use a new system, at Just create an account and report the violation.  You can upload photos and track the report as it goes through code enforcement. 
  1. Contact Legal Aid to see if you’re eligible for free representation.  Toll-Free:  1-866-219-5262. 
  1. Call the NC Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service.  It provides a thirty-minute consultation for $50.   919-677-8574
  1. Check out the Ardmore Neighborhood Association’s information about housing laws under Tenants’ Resources at  You’ll find this article there, too.

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