President’s Message [October 2023]

Call me Grumpy!

If you live near an abandoned home, or one that’s not maintained, what can you do about it? You know, that “problem house” near you?
This is about other people’s property and yards. I wrote about tenants’ rights last month. This month we’re focusing on those run-down properties that might be around us.
You’d be surprised that a letter from a neighbor (you!) to the property owner sometimes results in repairs being done. Who knows? It might have been an “out of sight, out of mind” situation.

Let’s remember that some bad housing situations result from family illnesses or death, or lack of resources. A helping hand may be in order, or a referral to free programs such as the Shepherd’s Center’s handyman service for older people.
Our neighborhood association, the ANA, does not have the power to require Ardmore property owners to make repairs. We aren’t a “home-owners’ association” or HOA. But you do have options that perhaps you haven’t thought of.

Here is another step to consider, if your letter to the owner doesn’t get results. Contact the City’s Neighborhood Services Department, which handles such code violations such as failure to repair up to housing code standards, high grass and weeds, junk vehicles and abandoned property.
To reach Code Enforcement, call City Link at 311 from a smartphone or call 336-727-8000. I like to use the app “CityLink 311.”
Or use a new city system, by going to There you type in a short statement to report the violation. You can upload photos and track the report as it goes through code enforcement. And you can do this anonymously.
These steps will help keep Ardmore a pretty and safe neighborhood!

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